This story is a glimpse into a very small chapter of my life but the most trying chapter.  
This is the chapter that caused me to now celebrate every little thing every day.  It is the chapter that has gifted me with realizing how very special and lucky it is to walk, eat, socialize, travel and experience life to its very fullest.
It is also the chapter that made it unequivocally clear to me that our brain’s ability to rewire itself is one of the most powerful tools on the planet.  Collectively, if we all learned to use our brains to focus on THE GOOD and SOLUTIONS,  it is very likely we could begin to radically heal ourselves, our planet and all life on earth.
It’s a hard one to listen to because I rehash a lot of symptoms to validate the depth of illness and anxiety that my mind, through conscious rewiring, was able to cure. 
I honestly don’t suggest you listen to it unless you’re dealing with chronic illness or anxiety.  It’s not fun to hear.  It’s tough. It’s not something that anyone who is currently rewiring their brain should focus upon. 
I’m hesitant to share my story with the world but something bigger than me is pushing me and a personal hope that it can help someone else out there.   
I will be releasing a follow up podcast soon where I share some tools that I used and still use to help keep my brain and life on track.   I will also answer any questions that you all send in on that podcast!

Books I recommend,

Wired For Healing

The Brain That Changes Itself

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

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